Companies with mobile employees

Companies with mobile employees
In today’s world, you as a company need to deal with the question of employee mobility on a regular basis. Mobility can refer to actual cross-border assignments that benefit your company:
  • Traditional Assignments
  • International local hires of talents and executives
  • Cross-border commuters living in one country while being employed in another country
  • Business trips
However, the question of mobility can also refer to “remote work”, working in a home office, or “work anywhere”, i.e. basically anywhere in the world, in most cases for the benefit of your employees. Do you have questions:
  • About the taxation of your employees and the risks for you as an employer
  • On the social security treatment of mobile employment
  • About the tax liability of individual wage components in payroll and the practical implementation
  • How to ensure that you and your employees do not pay more taxes than if the employees had remained at home?
We believe that you deserve the solutions that best fit your company’s situation and we would welcome being your partner in both their development and direct implementation. Our services include:
  • Analysis of the tax and social security situation to determine the risks of a planned assignment or move
  • Support for you and your employees during the entire employee cycle, i.e. before employment (e.g. pre-hire meeting), during (e.g. preparation of tax return for the employee) and upon termination of employment (e.g. severance payment)
  • Gross-to-Net calculations for you as an employer, to check the profitability of the intended mobile move
  • Shadow Payroll Services – calculation and declaration of withholding tax for foreign employees
  • Ad-hoc support of payroll managers or support in the revision and implementation of a payroll process for mobile moves that fits your company’s needs
  • Development of a policy that defines the requirements of an international assignment or other mobile situation in your company
  • Training for your management and HR teams to identify risks and communicate key principles for discussions with employees

Do you have questions about the tax and social security treatment of your board members who have mandates in several countries?

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